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"House Call"


Coming soon. Home Sweet Horror Volume II, a print anthology of domestic horror from Black Ink Fiction that contains a reprint of my short morality tale 'House Call'. Edited by Jodie Francis. You can follow the publication cue here.

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Grift magazine, Issue #2
Something Wicked anthology
Mad Scientist Journal
Revelation 4:2
Under the Stairs anthology
Something Wicked
Comets & Criminals
Independent Ink Magazine
Day Terrors anthology
Solander magazine
Esteban's House of Bizarro
Frontline: War of the Worlds anthology
Way Out West anthology
Speculative Realms anthology
The Second Book of Humdrumming Horror Stories
Issue #14 of Aeon magazine
Don't Turn the Lights On
Champagne Shivers
Desolate Places anthology
E-Macabre Issue #2
Dar Tales Volume 11
Ruins Extraterrestrial anthology
The First Book of Humdrumming Horror Stories
Reality Complex Issue #2
Zahir #5
The Quiet Feather
Twisted Tongue issue #6
Sein und Werden, Volume 1, issue #4
Revelation 4:1
Glorifying Terrorism aanthology

"Market Strategy"


Published September of 2013 in Grift magazine, a brand new print journal dedicated to bringing you crime fiction of the highest order. Edited by John Kenyon.

"The Kingdom of Grey"


Reprinted May 2013 in Allegory, the tri-annual online magazine of SF, fantasy & horror. Edited by Ty Drago. The cover on the right is a placeholder until the correct one turns up.



Reprinted February of 2013 in Spinetingler, a discontinued UK ezine that carried 'Ghost stories, horror stories and scary stories online'. Edited by Lauren Neill.

"Engaging the Idrl"


Reprinted September 2012 in the Something Wicked annual anthology, which is the print counterpart of the South African online magazine of the same name. Edited by Joe Vaz.

"Losing It"


Reprinted August 2012 in the Mad Scientist Journal ebook collection. Edited by Jeremy Zimmerman.

"The Empire of Sleep"


Reprinted June 2012 in Revelation 4:2, the magazine of apocalyptic fiction edited by Brian A. Dixon and Adam Chamberlain. Published by Fourth Horseman Press.



Published December 2011 in the Wicked East Press horror anthology, Under the Stairs, which exposes 'all the things you thought were only in your nightmares'. Edited by Jessica A. Weiss.

"Engaging the Idrl"


Reprinted October 2011 in Issue #14 of South African online magazine, Something Wicked, a monthly publisher of quality sci-fi and horror. Edited by Joe Vaz.

"The Coldest Fish in the Barrel"


Reprinted October 2011 in the inaugural issue of Comets and Criminals, a promising, multi-genre New Zealand online zine. Edited by Samuel Mae.

"Aster Road"


Published September 2011 in Independent Ink Magazine, an American journal which describes itself as a 'modern look at digital literary arts and media'. Edited by Andrew Holt.

"Carrington Cove"


Published February 2011 in Day Terrors, the latest anthology from that excellent American-Israeli outfit, The Harrow Press. Edited by Dru Pagliassotti & Kfir Luzzatto.



Published September 2010 in Solander, the magazine of the Historical Novel Society. Edited by Viviane Crystal, Richard Lee & Debbie Schoeneman.



Reprinted August 2010 in Esteban's House of Bizarro, an online journal of, unsurprisingly, bizarro fiction. Edited by Esteban Silvani and published by Dark Recesses Press.



Published July 2010 in War of the Worlds: Frontlines, a print anthology of science fiction tales inspired by H. G. Wells' classic novel. Edited by J. W. Schnarr.



Published September 2009 in Way Out West, an anthology of bizarre and unsual Western fiction edited by Brian A. Dixon and Adam Chamberlain.

"The Widower's Tale"


Published December 2008 in Speculative Realms, an anthology of thirteen original stories by authors from around the world. Edited by Sasha Beattie.



Published September 2008 in The Second Humdrumming Book of Horror Stories, published by the now-defunct Humdrumming Books. Edited by Ian Alexander Martin.

"The March Wind"


Published June 2008 in Issue #14 of Aeon Speculative Fiction, a quarterly ezine published by Quintamid Publishing Inc. Edited by Marti McKenna and Bridget McKenna.



Reprinted June 2008 in Don't Turn the Lights On, an anthology of reworked urban legends published by Publishing. Edited by Diana Bocco.

"Replacing Mr Pendleton"


Published December 2007 in the 'Horror Fiction on Ice' issue of Champagne Shivers, a US magazine brought to you by Sam's Dot Publishing. Edited by Cathy Buburuz.

"Engaging the Idrl"


Reprinted December 2007 in Desolate Places, an anthology of imaginative fiction published by Hadley Rille Books. Edited by Eric T. Reynolds, with Adam Nakama.

"Parish Politics"


Reprinted October 2007 in E-Macabre #2, a downloadable anthology of dark speculative fiction published by SpecFicWorld. Edited by Doyle Wilmoth.

"Growing Season"


Published October 2007 in Issue #11 of UK horror mag Dark Tales. This wonderful cover, which is based on my story, was painted by Caroline O'Neal. Edited by Sean Jeffery.

"Combustible Eden"


Reprinted October 2007 in Ruins Extraterrestrial, the second book in a trilogy of anthologies focused on ruins. Published by Hadley Rille Books and Edited by Eric T. Reynolds.



Published September 2007 in The First Humdrumming Book of Horror Stories, a series of anthologies that in terms of design and atmosphere harks back to the old Pan Books of Horror Stories. Edited by Ian Alexander Martin.

"House Call"


Published June 2007 in Reality Complex, an American magazine of speculative fiction, available both in print and online. Edited by Grant C. Geiger and Johanna M. Vining.

"The Kingdom of Grey"


Published June 2007 in issue #5 of Zahir, an American tri-annual print journal dedicated to publishing the best in speculative fiction. Edited by Sheryl Tempchin.

"Shelf Life"


Published May 2007 in issue #9 of The Quiet Feather, a US magazine of new writing, illustration, photography and poetry. Edited by Tim Major, Dominic Hall, Tom Benson and Taissa Csaky.



Published May 2007 in Issue #6 of Twisted Tongue, a British magazine that publishes articles and fiction in a variety of genres. Edited by Claire Nixon.

"Resting Place"


Published April 2007 in Volume 1, Issue #4, of Sein und Werden, a UK literary magazine of experimental prose and Surrealism. The title is in German and translates as 'Being and Becoming'. Edited by Rachel Kendall.

"The Morpheus Franchise"


Published March 2007 in Revelation 4:1, a print magazine of apocalyptic fiction. Edited by Brian A. Dixon and published by Fourth Horseman Press.

"Engaging the Idrl"


Published February 2007 in Glorifying Terrorism, an anthology of sf short stories written in protest at the British Government's Terrorism Act 2006. Edited by Farah Mendlesohn.



Published September of 2015 in FLASH ON THE BORDERLANDS XX: The Tyranny Of Objects, the quarterly showcase of the the Pseudopod podcast. Edited by Shawn Garrett. Listen here. Download the PDF file so you can read along at the same time.

"South Lawn"


Published February 2007 in volume 13, issue #3, of Canadian general fiction magazine Storyteller Magazine. This is my second story to appear in this sterling publication. Edited by Melanie Fogel.

Storyteller magazine, Volume 13, issue #3

"The Kingdom of Grey"


Published October of 2021 in Strange Aeon: Orbital Lovecraft,  an anthology of Lovecraftian horror, edited by Matthew Keaton.

"Losing It"


Published October of 2021 in MetaStellar,  a webzine with the tagline ' Speculative Fiction and Beyond'.  Edited by Maria Korolov. You can read the story here for free.

Mystery Magazine February 2022 issue
And the Dead Shall Sleep no More anthology

"The Empire of Sleep"


Published October of 2021 in And the Dead Shall Sleep no More,  an anthology by Input/Output Enterprises, edited by Katherine Emily.

And the Dead SHall Sleep no More
And the Dead Shall Sleep no More

"Growing Season"


Reprinted February 2022 in the inaugural issue of Dark Horses, a new print magazine of weird fiction. Edited by Wayne Kyle Spitzer.

"Wet Work"


Published in the February 2022 issue of Mystery Magazine,  a glossy monthy print magazine. Edited by Kerry Carter. 

Mystery Magazine February 2022 issue
Mystery Magazine February 2022 issue
Dark Horses #1
Dark Horses #1
Mystery Magazine February 2022 issue
Mystery Magazine February 2022 issue
Mystery Magazine February 2022 issue
Mystery Magazine February 2022 issue
Mystery Magazine February 2022 issue
Mystery Magazine February 2022 issue
Mystery Magazine February 2022 issue



A full audio production of my short story 'Battleground' has been posted at Tales to Terrify, as the second half of podcast episode 527. My story begins at minute 12:46 and can be downloaded here.

"Something Bad"


Episode 21, Season 18, of The No Sleep Podcast features a full audio production of my dark fantasy short 'Something Bad'. My story starts around minute 00:42:15. Listen to it here for free.



Published September 2022 in issue #18 of American mystery and suspense magazine Mystery Tribune. This bad boy weighs in at a whopping 240 pages, and can be bought directly from the publisher here.

"The Coldest Fish in the Barrel"


Reprinted September 2022 in the Pulp Cult anthology Unspeakable Volume II, edited by  Jay Chakravarti.



Reprinted August 2022 in the upcoming Dragon Soul Press Age of Artifice anthology. Edited by J. E Feldman. Copies available for pre-order here

"Engaging the Idrl"


Reprinted August 2022 in Professor Feiff's Compleat Pocket Guide to Xenobiology, an SF anthology from JayHenge Publishing. 

"A Page or Two"


A rare mainstream story, reprinted June 2022 in, an online zine for smart readers on the go. Edited by Nancy Kay Clark. Read it here for free.

Mystery Magazine February 2022 issue

"The March Wind"


Reprinted February 2022 in issue #7 of Etherea Magazine,  an Australian ezine that publishes fantasy and science fiction. Edited by Aidan Wilson. You can buy it direct from the publisher here.

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Unspeakable Volume II
Unspeakable Volume II
Professor Feiff's Compleat Pocket Guide to Xenobiology
Professor Feiff's Compleat Pocket Guide to Xenobiology