'The Kingdom of Grey' accepted for publication


A reprint of my short story 'The Kingdom of Grey' has just sold to the upcoming Strange Aeon 2021: Fearful Wisdom anthology, edited by Matthew Keaton. This book is the follow-up to last year's Strange Aeon 2020: Lovecraftian Tales anthology, which is available on Amazon.  There's no word on a publication date as yet, but if previous form is a guide, this latest installment in the series could make an appearence as early as September. 

Website upgrade


After fifteen years of the same website, I've decided that the time has come for an overhaul. And this is it. Out goes the clunky, static, no-size-fits-all website I built back in the day, in comes this shiny new redesign created with the help of an automated software package. Considerably lighter on graphics, the current offering is direct and uncomplicated yet still offers many of these same features. Input welcome.


02 August, 2021

19 April, 2018

MetaStellar accepts 'Losing It' for publication


I was very happy to receive a rapid acceptance from Marie Ginga, Reprint Editor at MetStellar webzine, today. 'Losing It' will be published on the website on the 25th of this month, which is in two days' time. 

22 August, 2021

Pseudopod podcast


A reprint of my dark fantasy short 'Thumbwood' was published in FLASH ON THE BORDERLANDS XX: The Tyranny Of Objects, a quarterly showcase for audio zine Pseudopod, all the way back in September of 2015. This tale of a Ministry of Defence investigation into strange phenomena manifesting in an abandoned rural property is edited and voiced by Shawn Garrett. For an improved listening experience, you might like to download the PDF file so you can read along whilst listening to the narration.

Shawn begins reading at 03:30

30 September, 2018

'Human Waste' sells to Black Cat Mystery Magazine


I'm delighted to report that my new short story 'Human Waste' has sold to Black Cat Mystery Magazine. Editor Michael Bracken got in touch earlier this month to inform me that the story was being held for a second reading. Word of the acceptance came in today. This is a major coup. BCMM is a rising market player, and publication in this sterling periodical is more than welcome.

'Engaging the Idrl' sells to Jay Henge Publishing


I received a very nice email today from Jessica Augustsson, Editor-in-Chief at Jay Henge Publishing, asking if it would be okay to publish a reprint of my apocalyptic science fiction short story 'Engaging the Idrl' in an upcoming anthology titled (deep breath) Professor Feiff's Compleat Pocket Guide to Xenobiology for the Galactic Traveller on the Move: Containing Divers Works Hitherto Unpublished by Scholars of Moderne Sciences, Herbarisme and Exoticks, with Thorough Explication of Chymicall Principles Terrestrial and Alien.


Now, that's quite a title. Needless to say, I accepted the offer at once. Interestingly, I'd initially submitted 'Idrl' to Jessica's Titanic Terastructures anthology, so this constitutes a minor (but nonetheless intriguing) adjustment.

'The Empire of Sleep' to Input/Output Enterprises


I received word this morning from Katherine Emily, Managing Editor at Input/Output Enterprises, that she is purchasing the reprint rights for my short story 'The Empire of Sleep' for Volume I of the upcoming And the Dead Shall Sleep no More anthology. Publication date is set for Halloween of this year.

'Wet Work' sells to Mystery Weekly Magazine


Sunday morning started with a welcome email from Kerry Carter, editor of the prestigious Canadian periodical Mystery Weekly Magazine, informing me that my crime short 'Wet Work' has been bought for publication in a future issue. I am especially pleased because this was my first attempt at selling a story to this market. The official Mystery Weekly Magazine website can be accessed here.

24 October 2021

23 October 2021

13 October 2021

11 September 2021

'Losing It' published


Today sees the publication of my short story 'Losing It' in MetaStellar webzine. Just click here and you'll be redirected straight to the story.

25 October 2021

'Battleground'  snapped up by Tales to Terrify


I'm pleased to report that a reprint of my short horror story 'Battleground' was snapped up earlier today by the Tales to Terrify podcast. The sale took exactly 7 hours and 51 minutes from submission to acceptance. I can't wait for this. Fiction Editor Meredith Morgernstern assures me in a follow-up email that they'll be looking for ' ... the creepiest narrator we can find to do it justice.' Good stuff.

18 November 2021

'The Kingdom of Grey' published


Today sees the publication of my short story 'The Kingdom of Grey' in the Strange Aeon: Orbital Lovecraft anthology, edited by Matthew Keaton. See the Short Fiction section of this website for buying options.  

1 October 2021